Print Quality eXchange (PQX®) Expert

Print Quality Exchange, or PQX®, offers the latest in techniques to implement ISO 20616-2 Print Quality eXchange.

Learning Objectives:

In this training, we will:

  • Describe the benefits of employing a standard digital format for the exchange of print quality reporting data.
  • Explain the role of the PQX XML Schema and define the XML concepts of hierarchy, frequency, cardinality, datatypes, and linking.
  • Define basic PQX reporting concepts: Press Run, Customer Item, Sample, Position on Sample, and Reporter.
  • Determine values for the PQX high-level fields for your own printing facility.
  • Explain how CxF is employed for reporting color values for PQX quality reports.
  • Compare the two types of color reporting and select the one most appropriate for your customers.
  • Contrast the two types of registration reporting and select the one most appropriate for your customers.
  • Explain how your facility would report defects by types and severity.
  • Explain barcode types you commonly report by type of customer items.
  • Recommend the steps you will take to implement PQX within your facility.

Main Features

  • Developed by industry experts, this training will help you effectively communicate and manage PQX based reporting and communication for complete supply chain and production alignment (according to ISO 10246-2:2020).
  • Upon successful completion of training and the certification exam, certification is good for two years. PQX Experts are also displayed within the online PQX Expert Certification directory, found only at
  • Your registration includes optional access to PQX Report Writer, a plugin for MS Word that will allow you to view sample PQX print quality reports, prepare your own print quality reports, and generate PQX reports in both a PDF and XML format. This software is available to each participant throughout the training period. (Please note that MS Office for Apple Mac is not currently supported.)

Who is this course for?

Print production and quality assurance professionals and managers.

Brand Quality Communications
XML for PQX Quality Reporting
Getting Started with PQX
High Level PQX Structures
Introduction to Color Reporting
Tone Calculation Color Report
Registration Reporting
Defect Reporting
Barcode Reporting
Implementing PQX

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