Exclusively For Members Only

A unique benefit for Idealliance members is the opportunity to participate in an “Expert Corner.” These are virtual gatherings designed to be a small, intimate format to allow our members to connect with an Industry Expert.

At no additional cost for members, each invitation-only session is a casual conversation with an Expert, tailored to the group. Members have the opportunity to connect with experts in relevant industries such as color management, design, print and packaging, and more to transform the way they work – forever.

Members, watch your inbox for an upcoming invitation for August 12 with a 40+year veteran of print manufacturing and pre-media.

Sneak Peek: Upcoming Expert Corner

This expert is a world-leading advocate and technical expert for some of the largest consumer product companies, brands, and print service providers. His experience contributing to improving tools, processes, specifications, and international quality standards is recognized throughout the supply chain.

Members are invited to bring their questions and find out more on standards, supply chain alignment, and leading best practices from one of our industry’s leading minds.