Idealliance Pakistan’s ground-breaking leading practices set the standards for the industry, remove friction from the media supply chain, and move our industry forward to a more profitable and sustainable future. If you are looking for a network of trusted colleagues and interaction with our industry’s most proven experts, know that Idealliance’s Print Properties Committee Working Group provides support and knowledge that cannot be found anywhere else.

This working group is open to members only. Please email if you are interested in joining. Please note: participation is based on approval.

About the Print Properties Committee

The Idealliance Print Properties Committee (PPC) is a diverse group of leading color scientists and developers, manufacturers, print service providers and end users that for forty years have been defining color standards and workflows for print & packaging media. They work on initiatives to help better the graphic communications industry. The Committee has been at the core of key developments in color with an alphabet soup defining how you print today—and tomorrow including:

  • GRACoL® 2013
  • SCTV
  • ECG 7 Color targets
  • and many other tools widely used across the industry.

Guide To Print Production V.21

Upcoming G7® Color Management Trainings from Idealliance